Urban Life Solutions believes in giving back to the communities we serve

As a measure of our gratitude to the ongoing support that has made us Canada’s National Service Provider of choice. It is our belief that if we plant the seeds of caring.

great things will grow around us.

Kid Sport

KidSport Calgary offers two skate shacks at no cost to schools, community groups and sports organizations. These Skate Shacks are designed to provide the opportunity for children to learn the skill of skating without having to purchase or rent skates. ULS are proud to provide the delivery, maintenance and storage of the Skate Shacks for KidSport.

Calgary Food Bank

In celebrating their historic 30 year anniversary ULS was honored to complete the design and install of a serenity garden on the north side of the Calgary Food Bank building, which currently is the entrance to both clients and staff. This garden provides a place to sit and think of what was, what is and what is to come, and will provide everyone with a moment in time to just be. It is in these moments that we are all one and realize that there is nothing that separates us as human beings. Compassion, caring and the realization that there is no me without we will come to light when one takes the time to stop and really think of what matters.

The key element in the serenity garden is the custom designed pergola which will convey a special symbolic message to those that take the moment to stop and open their hearts. The three post pergola constructed of metal will suspend a roof that contains 30 laser cut stars and a large eye. Directly below the eye will be a compass that acts as the marker for the time capsule that will be lowered into the ground below the patio area.

Olds College

Founded in 1913, Olds College has been offering hands-on education for over a century. Through applied research and integrated learning, they are proud to be Canada’s Smart Agriculture College, specializing in agriculture, horticulture, land and environmental stewardship.

We are proud to fund scholarships awarded annually to two students in Olds College Horticulture Program.

Touch a Truck

Mothercraft Ottawa is a non-profit, multifaceted family service organization in the City of Ottawa, known for sterling programming and quality of childcare. We are community leaders in prenatal, early learning and parental support. P Munro Group are proud participants in this program, providing families and children the opportunity to safely explore our fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Charitable Organizations We Support

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